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Introducing Arsenal

Cartalyst provides you access to a series of framework-agnostic composer packages. These packages are well coded, documented, tested, and supported by a team of engineers. Additionally, every quarter we release new packages, increasing your teams ability to pick and choose tools for the job.

  • You’ll have a dedicated team with a vested interest in the packages’ success.
  • You’ll have multiple support channels available should questions, bugs, or issues arise.

The Cost

You’ll pay a subscription fee of $75/quarter, or $300/year. You can purchase additional team member slots for your account at $25 per developer. A studio of 3 developers would cost $125.00/quarter, or $500.00/year

Return on investment

Rely on a solid foundation of packages for each and every project. You’ll spend less time building libraries, and more time building application features.


Should you ever cancel, you’ll be able to use the code in any project, for as long as you want provided you adhere to the PSL. You simply lose access to our private repos. No more updates, no support. What you build you can take with you.

We build framework agnostic PHP libraries for developers.

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