Sentinel by Cartalyst

Update 3: $99.00 option removed. After much discussion keeping Sentinel in the Cartalyst Arsenal is in both our and subscribers self interest.

Update 2: All slots have been filled. Thank you for participating.

Update 1: A few updates. We will be capping the free access at 500 users & Sentinel Social is NOT included.

Before you panic, let’s break it down, short and sweet.

  1. Sentry 2.* will remain free and open source.
  2. Sentry 3 will be rebranded to Sentinel
  3. Sentinel will now be part of the Cartalyst Arsenal.
  4. Grandfather in for free now, Request Access

Sentinel will include detailed documentation, a demo, and a tutorial covering permissions. It will also include… OAuth Server capabilities dubbed Sentinel Shield as an available extension.


Early on we knew that Sentry was the first package we wanted to develop. Every platform out there struggled with the differences between authorization and authentication. Those that understood this difference lacked any sort of real “ACL” support. Thus Sentry was born & after 2 years has become one of the most popular auth packages available.


We want Sentry to be the best solution available for professional engineers. We want it to be easy to use, trust worthy and well maintained. These goals weren’t possible as a pure open source project.


Sentinel will now be part of the Cartalyst Arsenal.

For 30 Days we will be accepting free access applications from all those currently using Sentry. That’s right, free access for life if you sign up during the grace period (limited to 500 users).

Sentry 3 will gracefully be rebranded, moved, and access rights granted over the next 30 days to give everyone time to adjust.

We appreciate your understanding & hope this finds you well,

~ Dan, Bruno & Suhayb



We build framework agnostic PHP libraries for developers.

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