United We Were

Currently the state of America is cool from my eyes. There just a few things that I absolutely despise.

The black people that I’ve been around lately have a horrible mindset. I’m not just talking random people. These people are my best friends, my wife, my mother, and many others. Its sad to see where have allowed themseleves to start thinking about the very country they live in.

For me, I’ve served this country proud in the most elite fight force ever known to mankind. I don’t fear shit and am not about to stoop my thoughts to the level these people have.

I hate when these conversations come up. Everyone talks as if they are at a crossroads. Fuck that!

We are living in the greatest time ever! The last 20 to 30 years have been the most change driven times in american history. And we get to live in it and be a influence on it.

We no longer have to stay in bullshit marriages, we no longer have to remain in proverty, we no longer have to be in the dark about worldly affairs. No one can hide a fucking thing and when its caught it can be changed within a blink of an eye.

Times have changed and we are free. If this is not your truth than please stay away from me.

Why is it so hard to except your own freedom? Do you think people in North Korea or Russia or even China would trade you for your fucking spot? You damn right they would. Unfortantely most of them dont even know what it even feels like to be free to do anything.

There lives are completely dictated to them. There is no changing your status or finding away for your kids to live a better life. They are stuck. Then they adapt to this is just the way that it is. For a very small percentage they do give a shit enough.

The few that come to the conclusion of they aren’t going to live there lives like this they ESCAPE! They can’t just leave they have to fucking escape. And where do they come. They come to fucking America the land of the FREE.

So if your dumbass doesn’t feel free unless you see the government doing what you think it should be doing. Leave. You don’t have to escape. You are free to leave and never come back. Freedom is not for the weak hearted. Freedom is only for the strong. Because here we know the tougtest battle you’ll ever face is not anything external but the man in the mirror.

Dictators exist to control those who can control themselves. So go. Go and be controlled so you can really value what you have here.

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