Best Free Typing Lessons

Thanks to the stable integration of technology into every part of our everyday life, we are facing less and less handwritten paperwork. These days it’s much more important to have excellent typing skills than have exquisite handwriting. There is no doubt that if you are able to touch type it will save you plenty of time rather than when you’re typing something with just your two index fingers. We reviewed the best free online typing lessons for you to master your typing skills. See our results below. offers convenient typing lessons that are divided into four groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Practice. While the first three groups are targeted at a certain button or button combination, the Practice group gives you the whole text to enter. Each group is divided into chapters, and when you finish part of a chapter you can see information about your typing, such as speed, accuracy, time typing, and problem keys.

Fingers position on a virtual keyboard: Yes

Account: Required to track progress and earn badges
 Interface: Modern and intuitive

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Originally published at on June 23, 2016.