Shining bright in the night sky

Thousands of stars light up in my eyes as I look up hoping to see your face

Not a moment goes by where you don’t cross my mind

In everything I do I think of you

Would you be proud? Would you approve? Did I make the right decision?

So many questions, but not enough answers come through

I feel like my life is nothing but a giant black hole without you

So many nights I lay awake hoping to hear you call my name

Mornings I rise and look forward to seeing your smiling face

Then I realize on this Earth it will never be the same

Being strong is hard, but it’s all I have left

Your strength that you have given me is what gets me through this huge mess

I never imagined what life would be like without you

Living without your number one fan is something you should never have to do

I know you are with me in spirit but that isn’t enough

Where is your smile and laugh I need when things get rough?

I miss those giant hugs, your jokes but most importantly


You were my light, my inspiration, the very reason why I continued to live

you got me through this life with everything that you did

Your personality was one of a kind, your heart was made of pure gold

your strength was admirable, your courage was inspiring

If I ever become half the person you are then I know I did something right

You gave me life, you gave me hope you were everything perfect in my eyes

You were my idol, my leader and the best part about this crazy life

You were taken too soon, you shouldn’t have went the way you did

We had so much more to do together, we had so much more of a life to live

Now I must travel this life without you and go on this journey alone

Such a strong and beautiful person deserved so much more of a life than you were given and I will continue to live your life through my own

I will speak of your wisdom, but most importantly of your love

You sacrificed so much and in return got so little, but I will make your presence known

My mission in this life is to share your story with others in hopes that you can save lives, just like you saved my own

You are a true inspration and you were the brightest light in my darkest of days

Mom, you are my everything, fly high and soar because your wings are as big as your heart