BASΞD VITALIK: A Pre-mint Rundown.

3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Minting Monday, February 28th, at 8 PM PST BASΞD VITALIK is a free-to-mint NFT inspired by and based on the ever eccentric creator of Ethereum. A traditional portrait turned generative NFT, it’s a high-effort collection developed entirely in-house by Art101, the creators of Non-Fungible Soup . So before mint tonight, here’s a quick rundown of need to knows.

  • Free Public mint begins 2/28 @ 8 PM PST for 0.00Ξ
  • Mint it @
  • Supply is 4692
  • Once minting goes live, you can view the OFFICIAL OpenSea Collection here:
  • Reveal is 72 hours post mint-out
  • BASΞD VITALIK is generated from artwork by me, Carty Sewill. Done up in my signature style inspired by historical techniques.
  • BASΞD VITALIK mints on a homespun ERC-721A contract, saving users significant gas.
  • No hashlips, BASΞD VITALIK is generated in vector format with homegrown scripts.
  • Each of the 4962 unique BASΞD VITALIK NFTs are generated from a random assortment of 164 distinctive traits, with hand curated rarity, and 25+ 1 of 1's.
  • BASΞD VITALIK owners receive early access to our next drop. Another generative crypto-icon homage, Fake Satoshi.
  • Provenance documentation will go live post-reveal. The website, along with the documentation, will then be mirrored IPFS.

BASΞD VITALIK is the culmination of 100’s of hours of illustration by me, Cartyisme, and development by lza_menace. Meme-able, unforgettable, and original. If nothing else, BASΞD VITALIK is different.

BASΞD VITALIK is more than a generative homage to a crypto-icon. It’s full of references to the NFT community at large, with traits inspired by Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and Deadfellaz. Not to mention, references to everyone’s favorite shitcoins.

Minting on Feb. 28nd 8 PM PST @, the artwork is finalized, the pre-reveal video is ready, and Art101 is excited. We’ve got a new contract, look, and goals. We’re ready to rock. Next up? DAO.