CARVers Did Arise! Dragonball in a Nutshell

3 min readFeb 14, 2023


From July 13, 2022 to Jan 31, 2023, the Dragon had been observing the activities of CARVers for months, since the start of the Dragonball: CARVers Arise project. The Dragon was amazed to see how far the CARV heroes had gone, traversing the difficult paths and overcoming all the obstacles that came their way. The Dragon was truly impressed by the courage, dedication, and perseverance of the CARVers and thought it was only fitting to give a brief summary of this incredible journey so far:


Quick Quiz

Here’re some fun stats for our weekly quiz!

We’ve done 60 quick quizzes, where Dec.15 has the most winners of 4588 CARVers. Sep.12 has the fewest winners, no one answered correctly (blame MinorC for that🙈

The funniest one we think is “After removing my wallet address and binding it to a new Carv account, I can still carv the original SBTs that have been carv-ed to that wallet address”, Where @MinorC will say thank you and give a beating to Charles. Hope everyone had fun!


Still remember💩 collection, cockfight, ranch raising, horse racing, those good old days!

For casino season 1, 364,430 messages were sent in the casino channel, where a raving number of 1,015,707 messages were being sent for the chicken fight during season 2. RIP cluck clucks 762,942 chickens died for no reason.

We also self-developed D&D game, where you can roll your dice, make your strides, and fight for your alliance and horde!

Sharing is carving Fan-art

For all the fan art we’ve received, here are two highlights that we have loved for a long time, thanks to our beloved CARVers Daya#0745 & Dairycow#1466.


Monthly carvers

Thank you for being ethusiastic and active, and providing the most sincere words to build CARV community together, 43 monthly carvers! Extra shout out to monthly carvers who became our proudest guardians! Here’s the full list:


All the guardians that engage with CARVers, host AMAs, write tutorials, and organize game nights and tournaments, thanks for all of your contributions! Here’s the full list:

Last but least, our beloved partners!

Thanks for all of the partners that join CARV-hosted events.

Thank you all for joining our AMAs, co-hosting game nights, and everything you’ve done to build CARV together!

What you’ll get from Dragonball: CARVers Arise?

TL; DR: About Dragon Treasure NFT

  • Dragon Treasure NFT Mint date: Feb.14 — Feb.28
  • Mint website:
  • The NFT is minted on Polygon, CARV will cover all the gas fees, as always
  • If your Dragonball Level is lower than Level 1, you will NOT receive the Dragon Treasure
  • The Dragon Treasure NFT will have utilities for CARV’s future events
  • Dragon Treasure NFT is the token to your future $ARC incentives for participating in the Dragonball: CARVers Arise

What’s next?

We will be releasing CARV’s brand new battle pass system. Details about the mechanism, the rewards, and more exciting news will be released on Feb.28.

Fresh CARV, fresh start, see you soon.




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