Infinite Play: Your Game, Your Vote, Your Rewards

4 min readMar 21, 2024


Dive into Infinite Play, CARV’s latest adventure, where you can Stake, Vote, Play, and Earn for endless fun!

It’s your game, your vote, and your rewards.

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Starting from March 21st to April 21st, each monthly season offers a unique blend of entertainment and earnings. Ready to explore the four interactive features? Let’s dive into it!


Previously, the only way to earn SOUL was by mining your data. Now, Infinite Play is spicing things up with a new staking feature that not only offers attractive Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) but also hands out Voting tickets (we’ll dive into the details of Voting tickets in the voting section, so hang tight!).

Get more from your SOUL with our staking options! The longer you stake, the bigger the rewards. Here are our annual interest rates:

  • 1 month — 60% APR
  • 2 months — 96% APR
  • 3 months — 150% APR

And there’s more! By staking your SOUL, you also earn voting tickets:

  • 1 month — 1 ticket for every 3000 SOUL staked.
  • 2 months — 1 ticket for every 2000 SOUL staked.
  • 3 months — 1 ticket for every 1000 SOUL staked.

The longer you stake, the more influence you have. Stake now and let your voice be heard!

For example, let’s say A has 3000 SOUL and decides to stake it for 1 month. A will get a 60% APR and 1 voting ticket. Now, imagine B also has 3000 SOUL but stakes it for 3 months. B will get a higher 150% APR and 3 voting tickets.

Staking gives you great returns and a chance to vote for games. So, what’s this voting all about?


During the entire season, the total prize pool for games will be a whopping 400 million SOUL. The distribution of this SOUL prize pool is determined by your votes. After staking, you’ll receive voting tickets, which you can cast for your favorite game developers. This will decide the size of each game’s SOUL prize pool at the end of the season.

Initially, each project will have a basic voting pool, which varies from one project to another. As more players vote for a game, it affects the game’s share of the total game voting pool. At the end of the season, players of that game will share a larger portion of the SOUL rewards.

The potential SOUL allocation for each project is based on the season’s total pool and is calculated as follows: Game SOUL Pool = Total Season Pool * Votes Received for Game / Total Votes.

For example, if the total prize pool is 400 million SOUL and Game A receives 60% of the votes, then Game A’s SOUL prize pool will be 240 million SOUL. Conversely, if Game B receives 40% of the votes, it will receive a 160 million SOUL prize pool.

However, a larger game prize pool doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll earn more. It also depends on the Game EXP you earn within that game. So, what exactly is Game EXP, and how can you earn more of it?


In Infinite Play, you’ll find different tasks set by different Games, each giving you Game EXP points. The Game EXP earned in each game is calculated separately, meaning it’s not transferable between games.

The amount of SOUL rewards you receive at the end of a season will depend on your share of Game EXP relative to the total Game EXP earned in that game. The formula for calculating your SOUL rewards from a game is as follows: Your SOUL reward from a game = Game’s Total Season Pool * Your Game EXP / Total Game EXP of the game.

For example, if a game’s prize pool is 10M SOUL, and A has 100 Game EXP while B has 400 Game EXP, then A will get 2M SOUL, and B will get 8M SOUL.

This system ensures that your earnings are directly correlated with your level of engagement and success within each game. The more you invest in mastering the game and completing tasks, the larger your slice of the game’s SOUL prize pool will be.


Infinite Play offers gamers the power of choice, letting you immerse in gaming experiences while basking in the thrill of earning. Your total earnings are a combination of rewards from Staking and your share of the SOUL prize pools from various games.

For a more detailed breakdown of the rules and how you can maximize your earnings, be sure to check out the Infinite Play Playbook.

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