Call for the day: Caller script asking for views on White House lying:

Hello [staffer name]. My name is . My zipcode is .

I am calling because everyone knows the president lies to the American people. His surrogates lie. His vice president lies. Maybe they lie on their own, or maybe Trump lies to them. Either way, the White House lies constantly, and I no longer believe them or trust them.

I want to know what [Sen or Rep name] thinks. Congress’s role is not merely advise and consent, but also check and balance, an oversight role. What is the [Sen or Rep]’s role if not to be a check on a morally and ethically challenged executive branch? But, by his silence, the [Sen or Rep] is telling me and his constituents that it is okay for the White House to lie to the American people.

I would appreciate a written response from [Sen or Rep name] that answers three questions:

- Is this constant lying by the White House okay?
- If constant lying is not okay, why is he not doing or saying anything about it?
- What kind, or number, of lies will it take for [Sen or Rep name] to do something about it?

[Verify the staffer has your full mailing address. Remember to say thank you, and have a good day.]

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