Letter basis for Senators and Rep about Oversight of Trump:

I am very uneasy that you may be discounting the impact and influence of President Trump's tweets. On Friday, Speaker Ryan answered a constituent's question about them, saying, "I haven't seen them all, to be candid with you,"... a shockingly clueless response from the House speaker.

Fyi: Compared to broadcast and print media, Twitter offers a nearly instantaneous capability to speak worldwide to anyone with a mobile device or computer. The president's 40-character tweets are seen within minutes, if not seconds, and closely analyzed to interpret his concerns, obsessions, intent, and state of mind.

Unfortunately for the stability of the world, no one has ever accused Trump of being measured and thoughtful. And in his tweets, where no communications team intervenes, he brags, b.s.'s, lies, blusters, and threatens. Trump's uncontrolled tweets have a power that is great or greater than the asassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

If you are ignoring the president's tweets because you think Twitter is a fad or unserious, think again. His tweets have the weight of the world's most powerful country and most engaged military force, behind them.

It is past time for you to fulfill the oversight role you are charged with. Choosing to "not see them all," like Sen. Ryan, is an abrogation of my trust in your role, in Congress's role, as a check on the Executive branch.

If you haven't been paying attention, it's past time to get started.