Letter of the day for your representative and senators:

Dear [Rep or Sen name],

The strength of our democracy rests on power speaking truth to the people, incorruptibility, and aspirations to the highest standards of integrity.

So what do you think about the daily lying from the White House -- from the president, vice president, and their surrogates? It doesn’t matter whether it comes from the top, or if they offer any excuse, because they took an oath. They are supposed to be serving the nation, not just the office of this particular president.

What do you think about the constant reports of pocket-lining and corruption by the president and his extended family? It should not be acceptable for anyone to use government service to profit financially.

Most of your constituents and the rest of the world know the White House lies constantly, and everyone knows Trump and his family are pursuing financial profit. The taint of their lying and corruption is contaminating the credibility of everyone who works with them, and will contaminate everyone in Congress who excuse them or pretend it does not exist.

If you continue to respond the way it appears -- content to turn a blind eye or offer excuses like, "The president cannot have a conflict of interest" -- you are condoning the lying and corruption.

Already, the White House has lost much of its hard-won credibility. Our democracy is diminished in the eyes of the world. I take that very personally. I cannot follow your lead, look away, and allow the hard work and sacrifices of every president, service member, and citizen since our nation was founded, be for naught.

I have called and written you about whether you still believe in the original intent of the three branches of government, that they are a check-and-balance to ensure the solidity and strength of our democracy.

I say to you: The Founders' design for protecting our democracy is worthless if you are unwilling to stand and speak up when our nation most needs it.

Please tell me: When will you acknowledge the severity of the risk to our credibility? When will you speak truth to power? When will you decide it is time to protect our democracy?

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