An easy way to control a winch remotely

We usually use winch to help us to hoist heavy stuff to higher place or drop to lower place. For example, farmers always store the grain in the warehouse in every harvest season. But the warehouse sometimes is an attic. They usually have to hoist grain bag to the attic by themselves in the past. Actually, that is energy-consuming working. It is too difficult for aged farmers to hoist those heavy bags of grains now. So they want to know if there is an easier way to hoist grain.

This set of controller which is designed for remote coontrolling motor rotating,is strongly recommended here.

The major characteristic of this receiver is to make the motor in the winch rotate in positive and reversal direction. That is to say, the rope of winch will be stretched out and drawn back by wireless remote controller. The transmitter is also easy to use.

Here are transmitter and receiver.

From the wiring picture, the wires from the winch are connected to the receiver. We hook up the bag, pressing and holding button ▲ on transmitter. With the motor of winch working continuously in the “UP” direction, the rope is drawn back and the bag is lifted; When the bag is hoisted to the attic, release button ▲, the motor of winch stops working. After putting away the grains bag, we press and hold button ▼ on transmitter, the motor works continuously in the “DOWN” direction , the rope is stretched out and then it reaches the ground.

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