Motor Rotation in Positive and Reverse Direction

We are going to demonstrate that our 30 A high power remote controller controls high power motor to rotate in positive and reverse direction.

This kind of controller is activated by dc 12v power supply with 30 A current output of each relay. It is very favorable for high power device. It also has four working modes including toggle mode, momentary mode, latched mode as well as momentary + toggle mode.

First of all, let’s see material preparation.

1 x 2 channel dc high power remote control receiver (S2PU-DC12)

1 x 2-button remote transmitter(C-2)

2 x dc12v power adapters

Some lines

Secondly, see the wiring diagram below, B is normally open terminal; C is normally closed terminal and A is common terminal. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal B to the negative. Terminal A is supposed to be connected to the motor.

Note: The Power supply of receiver and motor must be provided individually in order to avoid interference between them.

Switch on the power


Press and hold button 1, the motor rotates in positive direction; Release button 1, motor stops rotating.

Press and hold button 2, the motor rotates in reverse direction; Release button 2, motor stops rotating.

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