One to Many Series Remote Controlling(6 Beach Cottage Lights)

A man is about to install a solar panel in a small beach house to give 6 lights, He was thinking of using remote controls. He needs one remote for all 6 lights. What He needs for this it is all 12 voltage.

One 500M transmitter with 6 DC receivers (6S1XB-DC12+CV-6) are suitable for him. It is “One to many series” which includes one-transmitter-to-many-receiver system and one-receiver-to-many-transmitter system. It is often used for controlling two or more electrical devices in different places by one remote; or one electrical device by two or more remote. Here is one transmitter to 6 receivers. The receiver is 12V direct power output so there is no need to supply power to the device which is connected to the receiver. Its working distance is about 500m in the open field.

The wiring procedure is fairly simple. Lights are wired to A&B terminals (+and -) of receivers one by one. Then you supply 12V power to each receiver respectively. So it works.

Toggle, Momentary, Latched modes are presented here. Setting toggle mode is better.

Only connect Jumper-2.

Press button 1, turn on light 1.

Press button 1 again, turn off light 1.

Press button 6, turn on light 6.

Press button 6 again, turn off light 6.

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