This is an interesting read- thanks for sharing.

I used to live in Asia and as you may know many Asian cultures are taught to refrain from showing emotion. Unless that is they happen to be watching a horror movie, in which case it is permitted to freely scream, shout, cry, laugh or show whatever emotion they want to express.

When in Singapore I went to see a movie I think was called the Cave. In one scene a woman is dangling from a rope, her hair gets caught in the equipment as she’s descending the cliff and basically it rips the skin off her face. She gets peeled in a very dramatic fashion.

Whilst my daughter and I squirmed in our seats and covered our eyes I was shocked to see zero reaction from anyone else in the cinema. This was possibly because it wasn’t a true horror film. In comparison real horror films like Friday the 13th provoke a massive audience reaction.

So there you go yet another reason people love horror — It allows them to express pent up emotions.

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