How to interview your real estate agent

Interview real estate agents online with AgentVet

Interviewing of any kind is traditionally cumbersome and time-consuming. The interviewer need to source candidates, schedule meetings, and then actually conduct them before coming to a decision.

If interviewing real estate agents, it’s far more challenging because few agents would agree to an in-person formal interview, and if they do, it’s not clear what questions are best to ask them. There are sources that can help pick questions, for example here and here. However, the most challenging part is having enough motivation to actually conduct the interviews, so most people end up choosing the first agent they find. This is one of the worst things to do because not all agents are the same (more on that here).

AgentVet is a REALTOR® interview platform that manages everything in an easy, online manner. Essentially, clients sign up and get their own interview room to which agents are added. AgentVet will invite top agents and ask them the right questions. The consumer logs in and reviews each candidate. Clients can also invite their own prospective agents to compete. This is the best way of finding the perfect agent. Quick, free, and smart. Read more about this here.