Admiration is the Furthest Thing From Understanding

A close friend introduced me to the quote, “Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding.”

Do you believe in talent? Or, is it merely the product of hard work? Consider: to be admired is to do something profound; something highly valued by others; but, at some point you become so great that in order for others to reconcile with their own lack of greatness, they must explain away yours by using words like, ‘talent’ or ‘gift’.

This is an example of how society contradicts itself. They want want to be admired for something, but have no understanding of how to get there.

They don’t know how, because they haven’t tried. They think they’ve tried, because what they did, didn’t work. But to truly try, is to set in motion an inevitable sequence of events that can only result in getting what you want.

Failure is not an excuse for quitting, it’s a obligatory prelude to success.

If it can be done by one person, than it can be done by any person. For there is nothing obtainable for one of us that is not obtainable for all of us, it only depends on how willing you are to possess it — for yourself, in your own way.

“Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding.”

It is the act of standing in the shadow of others, rather than forging yourself, sovereign, in face of the light.

How much you love yourself, how comfortable you are in your own skin — there is no better signifier of being on the right track. Then, admiration disappears and is replaced with a deep respect and empathy for the work. Stagnation, on the other hand, is just another form of self-loathing. The opposite of self-loathing is self-actualization; self-reliance; a fortitude for vulnerability, despite grave circumstances.

It is your life, after all, who else could it depend on except you? And so, the burden of action is in your hands. A fate which is both actively taxing and sensationally liberating. Either way, it must be done.

It’s not your fault the world is the way it is. Making yourself purposeful within the world you inherited is your sole responsibility. To pursue that, as the one true cause, is all that can be asked of you.

And to be admired for it? Well…how can you not pity them?

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