On Projections

Undoubtably, with success, you will encounter bitter, envious people, actively targeting others to project their own lack of success and self-loathing on to.

It doesn’t matter how small you make your identity, they will be too blinded by your accomplishments to care about how nice you are.

What did you expect from them? Just because you recognize their circumstance, doesn’t mean they will empathize with yours. And If shown properly, to the degree of empathy that satisfies you, they would consider you lucky.

With success you inherit the burden of being misunderstood.

Authentic actions are the superconductor of psychological projections. What they see is you is everything they wish they were in their own lives. To be authentic is difficult and not everyone is willing to do what is difficult, but projecting is easy. Therefore, projections should be embraced as a natural, expected occurrence.

The canary in the coal mine of success, as it were. Since knowing ahead of time that most people will opt for the easy path, being projected onto becomes a compass.

Think about it. If it wasn’t you on the receiving end of their projections, then it would be whoever else is embodying the thing they wish they could be.

So, remember, when facing this kind of criticism:

  • Retain your composure
  • Let them behave as they will
  • You don’t care about them anyway, so what use will it be to engage in conflict?

And, earnestly, this is hard to do. But, acceptance and compassion are the only useful weapons here. In time, oblivion awaits us all — why complain on our way there?

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