Seymour Hersh Owes The World An Explanation For His Seth Rich Comments
Caitlin Johnstone

About ‘what-ifs,’ what if Hersh knows a ‘bigger picture’ involving a monumental breach of US most sensitive military/pipeline secrets. That regardless of who is responsible for the breach, at least some of the info is believed to be in Russian hands. That some people believe in order to keep it from being developed and used against us, we must have confrontation with Russia. Russiagate/hacked election is the cover for this necessary conflict.

What if some other people understanding the above situation, believe that because the breach happened mid-late 2011, it has been too long for military conflict to mitigate the loss and it is quite likely some of the technology is already developed and ready for use. These people would be more in favor of a more measured and fair approach to Russia and mitigating any further loss/proliferation. Russiagate/hacked election is dangerous as it is a cover for ill-concieved and sudden, confrontation. At the same time, this cover must be dismantled in a reasonable manner even as it is daily being refueled.

What if there are subgroups of these? Agreeing on the analysis, but not the conclusion/approach or contingencies?

What if there are still other groups, with their own ideas, plans and intentions to implement them not the least of them being the ‘God will come back when there is a huge war over Israel’ group.

All these people we collectively call the US govt. As if it is of one mind. In reality the only thing these groups agree on is the people can’t know how fractured/factioned USG is.

Hersh knows all about the factions. If he has backed off, maybe he is hoping to buy some time for interviening factors to materialize, or trying to stop something imminent.

I don’t think he cares about his reputation or his physical well-being. Wikileaks tweeted it. We know.

I get what you’r saying. Really. The reason you wrote the story because its very much WTF. And I know you’re right, that it IS about something bigger. Like nuclear war… can’t imagine Hersh doesn’t. He lives in the real world.

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