Narrative Entry # 1: Becoming a mom

Casandra Mizquiri

All of my life I always have aspired to become someone great to have a one perfect skills. I never realize that being a mother would define who I am. I woke up at 6:30 am since I had to be at the hospital at 8:00am. They had me schedule for induced labor on may 11, 2016. We got ready to leave got everything we needed. we arrive at the hospital they told me to change. one of the doctor checked me to see how many centimeter I was and I was like one to two. So in order for me to give birth they put a pill inside me to see how much it open. They came back like around 3am in the morning to check I was 3 centimeter on a Thursday. So they said that they will be back again to check like around 10am. They check me and said that I was still the same nothing change. I was starving and they said all I can eat was Jell-O, popsicle, and drink water or juice. One of the nurse said they probably was gonna send me home and if they do you should say yes, you been here since Wednesday. So Friday came and it was like around 8am one of the nurse came to check and said I was still at 3 centimeter . After that the doctor came and said you 5 centimeter away we gonna break your water so she did. The doctor said you gonna deliver this baby today. So I was confused the nurse said I was 3 centimeter and the doctor said I was 5 centimeter away. I haven't felt contraction till I was 9 1/2 away to give birth, but before that I didn't knew so they asked me if I wanted the epidural I said yes because I was having pain. The doctor was like no you not gonna get it because you 9 1/2 away so you gonna have to push. Finally she decided to come out at 2:47pm she arrived. I will always cherish the moment since I was starving for 3 days and when the pain came but at the last moment, But it was worth it.

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