He uses folded and cut paper to reflect on expansionist typologies and American culture.

A 3 minute convo with Lane Twitchell.

“Halleujah: a portrait for Mr. Robert McCue” — acrylic on cut olefin mounted to plexi over acrylic on panel 48” x 48”; 2008.

Explain what you do in 100 words or less.
I make objects. … 97 words left!

What are your art / design influences?
My earliest influences would be 331/3 LP covers. The National Galleries in Washington DC were also highly influential. From those two poles, The Low & The High, I’m pretty much affected by everything I see. Most recently, I’ve been absorbing a lot of Street Art in Brooklyn.

How has technology influenced your work?
My work is probably one long sustained reaction against Apple and Adobe. I love both of these companies and what they produce, but as a person inclined to some physical labor, the painter’s studio vs. the design lab was more appealing to me at the beginning of my career. While what I make is based on hand techniques with an emphasis placed on folding and cutting various materials, I am increasingly drawn to technology to give my hands a rest.

What role does the artist have in society?
In The United States, we seem to have a culture that encourages all citizens to be “artists.” As such, it seems to be more a question of skill and dedication. A Visual Artist has a role in society by assisting in the process of how we look at things, and how things should look. An Author decides what words mean and how we use them. A Musical Artist participates in shaping the sounds we hear, etc. Within any medium, a person might aspire to “art” by creating something that goes beyond conventional expectations and uses the medium of choice to create something that lasts longer than a carton of milk.

What role does art have in branding and business?
Branding is Art. Business uses the visual and musical arts in promoting it’s interests. This is a good role for artists: to be “hired guns.” Making the presentation of a business or designing a business’s packaged product is a very real and legitimate role for artists — it keeps them off the streets.

What’s your favorite art work right now?
Brooklyn… the walls around the Morgan Avenue L train.

What’s the best pizza place you’ve ever been to in NYC?
I must confess, I love Dominick DiFara’s out on Avenue J. But don’t tell Gio at Luigi’s on 21st and 5th. I’ll take both these pies over Grimaldi’s any day.

Lane Twitchell (b.1967, SLC, UT) is a contemporary visual artist. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His working method involves the use of folded and cut paper. Originally conceived as a means of depicting replication in architecture, the inherently repetitive nature of his process has allowed the artist to reflect on other types of expansionist typologies. This line of conceptual development leads back to Twitchell’s personal history and his youth steeped in the quintessential religious exponent of America’s push toward continental domination. Additionally, Twitchell’s work addresses themes of middle-class American consumerism, architecture and politics, and occasionally references the contemporary New York art world and the broader history of modern art.


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