Unity or Death: Why Coherent Experiences Should be Everything to Brands

Marketers today never tire of talking about how everything has changed, is changing, and will change. Because it’s true. Once again, the old model is gone and everything has changed.

When distribution, media channels and consumer engagement platforms were fewer, brands that put enough money behind a powerful big idea could ensure it permeated popular culture. Now that media is fragmented and brands are expected to actually engage with consumers on traditional channels and across countless digital and social channels (not to mention in the real world), coherence of expression and experience trumps the big idea.

When brands behave inconsistently on social media channels, or have a different tone and manner in their advertising than consumers experience when interacting with the brand in real life, dissonance occurs. People can sense that something is missing at the core. Something gets lost in the race to the most impressions and the highest view counts.

We believe brands can find (or keep) their strength, consistency and coherence by going back to the principles that made them great in the first place: well-designed products and services. Walkman. Macintosh. Burberry trench coats. The Google search engine. Spotify. These brands became great (or eventually became obsolete) by carrying over (or not) that obsession for elegant design and flawless user experience to their marketing and overall customer journey.

While this is no simple undertaking, brands of the future will continue to carry that banner. With those brands, we work to build beautiful consumer interfaces and platforms that will allow a product to be talked about, shared, and sold, again and again. When we work together to design coherent brand expressions and experiences that are true to a brand identity, consumers do feel the difference and embrace the deeper values a brand has to offer.

We started Case with a love for design, technology, and people allowing us to craft over the years our “design approach to marketing”. Those core passions continue to guide us today to create coherent, honest, and simple solutions that allow brands to thrive beautifully.