Building your Marketing Strategy

I took the Adwords Fundamentals & Search Marketing exams recently to earn my Adwords certification…these are the top 4 things I learned:

(1) Landing Pages matter — a lot
When a visitor lands on your site you have their interest and attention. They are seeking to fill a need. If your landing page is screaming “Me me me” and not addressing the visitor then there is no reason for them to stay. Careful thought behind design and positioning is critical. Keep in mind you have seconds to engage with the visitor. Without clear navigation, a valuable offer, or content that fills a need you have lost the visitors interest and they are on to something else — woosh. Always be optimizing your website call to actions and testing different page layouts. Really think long and hard about the desires of your customers and prospects then design what you want to give them and what you want them to do. Remember it’s not about your business….you are there to serve your customer.

(2) Metrics, metrics, metrics
As an operator you have to be metric driven to execute an effective paid advertising campaign and measure any marketing ROI. You must know the Lifetime profit per customer, maximum Cost Per Acquisition or CPA you can spend, Conversation Rate, Value per Lead, and Retention.

(3) Test everything
Headlines, landing pages, ad copy, and platforms — constantly iterating by coming up with a hypothesis, testing, and measuring the result.

(4) Focus on serving your customer
What are their main pain points? What problem do they want solved and there is no good solution?

Call customers that have left, and ask what you could have done better to serve them.

Send out a survey to current customers and ask how they would rate you, what you could do better, or if they were to leave to try a competitor who would be their first choice?

Provide incentives to receive customer feedback. And consider personally responding to surveys…really take action to ensure that customers understand they are valued and heard.

Tip: Participate in forums and communities where your customers gather…..What questions are common? What do they fear? Who is doing a great job in your industry? Build trust and credibility by participating with your expertise and advice.

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