The amount of times I have been called “Gay” or “Faggot” is amazing, I even wrote a blog about how “Faggot offends me.”

But here’s the truth, faggot no longer offends me. In that article, I wrote a lot about how the impact of others' continued barrage of these points made me feel. The truth is looking back it’s how I made them feel.

The term “faggot” is the same as “mother” or “fat ass” it’s used in thr same class as people who have no ideology that drives them. …

"What we should do" and "What we want to do."

These are the choices that change our lives, the ones we remember in 10 years and in 10 minutes.

There is often no right choice because the other option is often unknown. But the choice we do make is always known, it's put into perspective with every subsequent thought, feeling, and behavior.

So when you're caught in the middle choose the choice that brings love, not isolation, choose the choice that brings more choices not less.

If you pause, you know your answer, the true answer is always on the…

Your pain washes over you, all the thoughts you have suppressed, every argument you had, every moment you felt an uncomfortable feeling it comes back.

Its easy to confess these things in writing but harder to do so when you are alone. Even when you have the keyboard you have some power, you can write what you want, share what you want, ans choose what parts get life.

But when you're alone, none of this is possible. You don't dictate your thoughts, they dictate you. You don't decide what gets power your brain does.

Those arguments you suppressed from others…

Faggot Offends Me!

My partner’s grandmother said she didnt like me because I wasn’t masculine, that because I didnt have a big truck and didn’t meet the stereotype of a manly man that I was a “Faggot.” Perhaps it was just hearing it from someone who was in my inner circle, or perhaps there is more to it but hearing it on this day I couldnt help but feel the personal pain of what my father must have felt.

The word “Faggot” we presume is only stated when one is flamboyantly gay but it’s not. The word faggot is part…

It’s a big yard, fenced in by a cliche white picket fence. Around the fence is a garden mixed with our favorite plants and flowers.

Neither of us has a green thumb but between the two of us, we help the plants survive.

She loves the smell, I love the old school American Dream feel.

In the darkest corner of the yard lies a swing in which she has used all through the second pregnancy.

To others, it looks beaten down but to us, we know that the swing means more than that it is a symbol of the peace…

It’s easy to say “I’m more focused or less when I have my…..”

For me, I have fallen escape to only two of these: Diet Soda (Aspartame) and Justice.

These “Motivations” or Distractions are easy to continue to use because they sound great. For example, saying “I need Coffee or else I won’t be able to function” is much easier than saying “I didn’t get enough sleep because…..”

Why is it easier? Simply put for many distractions or motivations we have trained ourselves to believe there is some huge increase in our life with this tool in it.

But is…

She’s been bent

But she’s never been broken

She’s been cut

But she’s never been torn

She’s been alone

But never isolated

She’s thought about death

But death never took her

She thought she was ready

But the world had other plans

She’s lost her power

But never her voice

Her world told her no

But she always said yes

Each day she woke up she was determined to make it her best

She wouldn’t let anyone tell her the rest

She knew the story and how it was supposed to be told

But she didn’t care

She didn’t stop

Maybe it’s a sense of false hope, that the words we say, the moments we endure, and the heart we hold can somehow be one and none all at once. Can it be true that the passion in which we hold can be so easily taken by a couple of moments? Is it possible for us to feel a feeling we once thought was elusive?

How is it that this feeling can find us and elude us all at once and what even is it? Is it love? Is it hope? …

Everyone loves a good movie, but mental health and movies can often be portrayed in unkind ways which don’t truly show the impact of mental illness or how easy it is for ordinary people to fall into the depths of mental illness.

With that being said everyone has their list of “what’s a great mental health movie" and from a therapist here is mine:

Benny and Joon (For Mental Health Relationships)

Beautiful Mind (For Psychosis)

Theroy of everything (Physical Disability and its impact ).

A Street Car Named Desire (Borderline Personality Disorder).

I am Sam (Physical Disability and Parenting).


How hard would it be for us to see Donald Trump for how he wants to be seen? The task of understanding Trump is not as daunting as we have projected but instead is easy.

But why is it easy? Simply put because Trump has told us through his Twitter. They say books tell us a lot about people and can send messages about what people want you to know about them.

So without further ado here is the list:

Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court — Carrie Severino and Mollie Hemingway


Casey Smith

Social worker, Activist, Blogger.

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