Don’t get excited, it doesn’t work like that.

Sponsorships are like unicorns or leprechauns, talked about often but they don’t actually exist. There is only dollars and cents, the bottom line and ROI (that means return on investment).

I make a living creating videos for companies. Most of the videos involve me doing really fun stuff. It’s a great job and perfectly understandable that I get emails, mostly from young people, asking misguidedly how they can get companies to pay for their adventures. The emails usually read something like;

‘We have been planning this trip for 3 years… dreams… inspire…etc.— …


Facebook is boring, it used to be great now it’s boring. I used to have 200 friends now I have 1500. There is no way I know 1500 people. Draconian measures must be taken to save my relationship with the social network. The unfriend button is my path to making Facebook an enjoyable experience once again.

Despite Facebook’s very best algorithms my feed is mostly posts I don’t want to see. Let me clarify what posts I don’t want to see means;

  • Anything from Upworthy
  • Posts about dead dogs
  • Injured dogs
  • Mistreated dogs
  • Dogs that need to be adopted

Virtual keyboards all suck and they’re not going anywhere

QWERTY will never change. It has been around since 1873, it is perfectly functional. It’s the standard and like a spring loaded mousetrap there is no reason to fix what’s not broken.

On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone with a brilliant presentation. The demonstration was flawless except for one moment of weakness and insecurity. When he showed the only aspect of the device that he rightfully lacked confidence in; the keyboard.

Watch him fumble: carefully, slowly, entering one letter at a time.

It’s hurts me to watch. Through the iPhone he was inventing a future he…

The best image doesn’t always make the best camera

If I had a manifesto for my production studio it would read something like; A place where any obstruction between me and finishing my movie can be overcome. I have cameras and movie gear for filming, computers for editing, art supplies for animating and a wood shop for building things I can’t buy.

Image for post
Image for post
my shop after building a custom iPhone charger in 2012

I needed a POV camera for a little video shoot I was doing for Illy Issimo Coffee and the TriBeCa Film Festival. …

Not knowing how to do something is hardly a reason not to do it.

I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, never went back. I should’ve failed sophomore English but Mr. Gabordi passed me with a C- I didn’t earn. He knew my parents were getting a divorce and didn’t want me to have to repeat the year. So no, I never learned how to write.

In my last post, also my first post, some readers gave me a hard time for grammatical errors. I handle criticism pretty well, there’re about 200,000 comments on YouTube about me and my work, I’ve gotten used to people pointing out my shortcomings but I…

an endless dribble of tech considerations

I am a huge technology dork. Mostly my enthusiasm is for little gadgets that fit in my pocket or back pack and social platforms that occupy way more of my brain space then they should. I’m hoping this platform, Medium, will serve as a place for me to stick those thoughts.

Where to begin. Well. I currently carry two cell phones. I would carry a third but my pants only afford for two. They’re entirely redundant and with little exception carrying two only doubles the amount of time wasted staring into their tiny glowing screens of nothingness. But…

Casey Neistat

this is casey from YouTube

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