NBA Offseason Proving Just How Jordan-like LeBron James Has Become

When thinking of the NBA’s greatest all-time player, the answer can be only one of two people — LeBron James or Michael Jordan. But, for argument’s sake, and because I truly feel this way, let’s call them 1.A & 1.B.

As much as that will bother the 30-and-up Jordan camp, my conclusion will do the exact same thing to the mostly-millennial LeBron faction. Point is, let’s not split hairs here. These guys are becoming more and more synonymous with each other, thanks in part to the never-ending loop of Skip and Shannon arguments, but more so because they are actually becoming one in the same.

A large chunk of the James-over-Jordan argument is made up of the fact that Jordan-lovers skip over his off-court shortcomings and questionable decision making. In fact, Colin Cowherd — a deft LeBron defender — frequently points out that Jordan punched teammates and wasn’t an overall great guy. While that narrative is true — as most of Colin’s arguments are — this offseason has completely crumbled the ground in which those words stood on. LeBron James is now, at least to me, a questionable teammate and largely untrustworthy.

When he was ‘coming home’, we all thought he would in fact be coming home…forever. Three seasons later and that Sports Illustrated piece by Lee Jenkins seems like a farse. Rumor has it that The King plans to exit his Northeast Ohio throne, not only leaving the fans high and dry, but also the teammates he has gone to war with.

King James has been the anti-recruiter this offseason. Never squashing the persistent LA rumors and chasing his best mensch — Kyrie Irving — out of town. Plus, when the chance came to bring in a high-basketball-IQ GM, James did nothing but sit on his hands.

It’s officially time to take the halo off of LeBron James. He is no longer the holier-than-thou role model that gets painted by Nike. No longer the guy who is “everything that’s right about sports”. He is just like Michael Jordan; an exceptional basketball player with a selfish streak, teammates be damned.

LeBron James was once the guy who brought talent to Cleveland — Now, he is driving talent away.

LeBron James was once all basketball, all the time — Now, he wants to make and produce videos.

LeBron James was once a guy that teammates and fans could trust — Now, he’s more of a snake…and not in the Kobe way.

LeBron James was once 1.B to Michael Jordan’s 1.A — Now, that still holds true…just don’t try and remove the B.