3 Gloomy Songs That Were Banned in The World

The world’s three banned songs refer to three cursed songs in the history of Western music, namely: Deliver Me, 13 Pairs of Eyes and Gloomy Sunday.

Deliver me is composed by an American. It is said that he went dead when this song was accomplished. It seems a generally religious song atoning for sins, but it has allegedly been linked to multiple suicides. It is also named as the “devil song”. Suicides were nothing less than the most devout Christians. While they confess their crimes to God, they felt more and more unbearable pain of the real life. So they chose to end sufferings in such way. In the rhythm of Deliver me, death is no longer terrible, instead, it’s an ideal way to promote to the Heaven, to liberate oneself. This is a big reason why so many people listen to this song.

13 Pairs of Eyes is originated from a primitive tribe of Africa according to legend, which is a mysterious song. The composer’s intention is not clear. It is said that in the mid-20th century, people from a same tribe in Cameroon committed mass suicide after listening to the song. For this reason, 13 Pairs of Eyes was prohibited by government, with all handwritten material destroyed. But still a piece of music luckily survived. And later, in 1991, a well-known musician secretly bought it. He took it home to play and sing, tear the remaining piece of music scores and then jumped down from the window. Thereafter, all the news of 13 Pairs of Eyes disappears.

Gloomy Sunday (Hungarian: Szomorú Vasárnap), also known as “The Hungarian Suicide Song “, is composed by Hungarian self-taught composer Rezső Seress (1899- 1968) in 1933 (some say “1932”). It is rumored that Gloomy Sunday was created after Charles broke up with his girlfriend.

Gloomy Sunday is a kind of music which render you feel a sort of terrible compelling despair about it. The lyrics makes people can’t help imagining the memorial scene. Disappointment and deep sorrow is mixed with anxiety and strong love in the lyrics, which always allures the brokenhearted to die in exchange for an intense fantasy love.

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