Six FACTS of Eggs! So, do you store them in a right way?

The egg, with high nutritional value, is our necessity in daily life. How to store eggs, however, is still unclear to many people. Now, the nutritionists propose new scientific ideas about egg guidance.

1. Store horizontally? Are you sure??

Fresh egg has thick protein, which can effectively fix the yolk in the center of egg protein. If the egg is stored for a long time, especially when the outside temperature is high, part of the water in protein mucus will be slowly off under the action of the protease, ultimately fail to fix the yolk. Then, if we put the egg horizontally, since the specific gravity of yolk is smaller than that of protein, yolk will go up and stay close to the eggshell, rendering egg shell sticky. That’s why eggs should not be preserved horizontally.

2. Store in the refrigerator? Absolutely!

Eggs should be placed upside down. The yolk will float and cling to the gas chamber, which prevents microbes’ invasion to egg yolk, and ensures egg’s quality.

3, DO NOT ship with volatiles!

Volatile substances such as onion, ginger, pepper, etc. will accelerate egg deterioration after their strong odors seep through the pores of eggshell.

4. Refrigerate or store the egg taken from the refrigerator for another time? You’d better STOP it!

Because the eggs taken out from the refrigerator will “sweat”! Bacteria and micro-organisms will soon go into the inner part of egg through egg shell. As a result, such egg should be consumed as soon as possible.

5. Do not wash eggs before storage? Correct.

Some people like cleaning before storage if the egg shell is dirty, to avoid contaminating other foods. But the fact is that cleaning will destroy the egg’s original outer shell membrane, rendering bacteria and microorganisms flow into the egg, and accelerate the deterioration. You can use plastic bags to wrap and store dirty eggs.

6. Separate storage space is NEEDED

If eggs cannot be stored in refrigerator, we’d better try to make an egg-shaped hole in clean paper or cloth, so that each egg has a separate storage space, and avoids direct exposure to the air. This reduces the chance of bacteria’s and microbe’s invasion, as well as extend the storage time of eggs.

At last, I’d like to introduce you a video about Storing Eggs in the Old Days. Here’s a good YouTube Downloader for you guys who like offline watching.

P.S. I am not a native English speaker, and now trying to improve my English through writing. If any mistake here I made or any suggestion for me, tell me please and I’d love to hear from you :-)Thanks a lot.