CashBet Partners with CryptoMillionsLotto

CashBet Coin
Jun 28, 2018 · 1 min read

We’re pleased to announce a landmark partnership between CashBet and CryptoMillionsLotto, which will allow holders of CashBet Coin to play on the world’s largest real-money crypto lottery!

As part of our partnership, CashBet Coin will be the exclusive token to be accepted as a payment method on the CryptoMillionsLotto platform.

CryptoMillionsLotto allows players to place cryptocurrency bets on the outcome of the German National Lottery draws from wherever they are located and where online gaming is allowed. All jackpots are fully insured by a UK Lloyds of London FCA regulated insurance broker.

“We are excited to name CashBet Coin as the exclusive token to be accepted on the CryptoMillionsLotto platform. We see the validity their token offers globally, and we know it will complement what we are doing with CryptoMillionsLotto”

CryptoMillionsLotto is based on AfroMillionsLotto, an established business, operating over 30 lottos for football clubs and charities across Africa.

Stay tuned for more updates, including when you can begin using CashBet Coin on CryptoMillionsLotto!

CashBet Coin

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