Driving Adoption for CashBet Coin Among iGaming Platform Operators

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Sep 18, 2018 · 4 min read

The convergence of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency offers a unique opportunity for iGaming operators to disrupt the crypto casino market. The size of the opportunity is enormous when you consider that today there are about 25M unique cryptocurrency users, but hundreds of millions of online gamblers in the world.

Since CashBet’s inception in 2012, our goal has been to create a comprehensive solution for operators to be able to launch and run a profitable and legal iGaming site. Our solution provides everything an operator needs — including access to content via game servers, a full suite back office and even coverage from our tier 1 gaming licenses.

Now, we are working to build a blockchain-powered iGaming ecosystem for operators. We believe that blockchain technology offers significant advantages to operators including the elimination of chargeback fraud, increased liquidity, and an improved gaming experience for their players.

iGaming operators have a rare opening to move early and capture the valuable segment of crypto enthusiastic gamblers.

Helping Operators Embrace CashBet Coin

What we are creating for operators is nothing short of disruptive. And with that, it can be expected that operators will need to be guided and motivated to adopt this new technology.

There are a number of ways we will be doing this:

  1. Using CBC as a staking method for maintaining operation of the CashBet platform.

CashBet sets up software licensing agreements with operators who want to use the CashBet iGaming platform. Currently, licensing fees are collected solely in fiat. However, in the near future we will be implementing CBC as a “Proof of Stake” for current and future operators who license the platform. This means operators will pay their licensing fees as a recurring monthly subscription fee using CBC. This monthly subscription fee is also called the “Stake” required to run the servers. Though the stake is maintained exclusively in CBC, the customer can pay the fee two ways:

  • Using CBC. To pay the fee directly, the operator would purchase CBC from supported cryptocurrency exchanges and then refill their stake directly by sending the required CBC to the server.
  • Using fiat currency. If the operator prefer to pay in fiat, the Cashbet Support team would accept the fiat payment then refill the stake in the form of CBC on behalf of the operator.

2. Granting discounts to operators who incorporate CBC into their operations opt to pay their fees using CBC

To encourage operators to adopt CBC, we will be offering discounts to operators that pay their licensing fees directly using CBC. We will also be offering discounts to operators who implement CBC for gameplay and support CBC-enabled games. The more integrated an operator is with CBC, the more economical it is for the operator to run CashBet’s crypto-powered iGaming platform.

3. Enabling operators to design their own VIP programs based on CBC

CBC is an excellent way for operators to reward and encourage player loyalty. We will be providing a way for operators to design and launch their own CBC-based loyalty rewards programs. By granting CBC rewards and bonuses to players, we provide a low commitment way to try out CBC gameplay, while driving end user adoption.

4. Giving operators access to valuable blockchain data analytics tools

One of the major benefits of a blockchain-based solution is the information transparency and trust. CashBet aims to create value for operators by taking the wealth of data generated and making it accessible through real-time smart dashboards and reports. With these tools, operators can gain insights on their users, identify areas of opportunity, and make informed decisions about their business.

5. Offering a la carte access to CashBet platform features / value added services

Though CashBet was originally intended to be a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, we recognize that some operators would gain value from having access to just certain aspects of our platform. Our GeoVerify tech is a good example of this. GeoVerify enables operators to geofence their gaming operations to the legal jurisdictions where they are allowed to operate. There is opportunity to break GeoVerify and other features out as standalone offerings available through CBC-based subscriptions. We’re continuing to evaluate this, and other ways to enable operators to decrease their time to market.

We look forward to rolling out these new operator-facing features soon. Our engineering and product teams are actively engaged in discussions with current and prospective partners to gain feedback on our approach, finalize the product roadmap, and identify even more ways to deliver value to operators.

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