Cash Cats Whitepaper

Cash Cats is the first true, H2E PFP project, focused on rewards generated via blockchain infrastructure. The Cash Cats are founded by three crypto & nft enthusiasts. The project’s goal is to bridge the gap between Cryptocurrency and NFT communities through forced adoption via rewards. Many NFT holders have been rugged, are stressed about floor prices or simply are not good traders thus finding themselves upside down. Enter the Cats. Cash cats are a “longer” term investment compared to the broader NFT market. Floor prices are irrelevant when rewards are constantly generated. Many NFT holders also have no more than the most basic understanding about Cryptocurrency. The Cats are here to help bridge the gap, and generate those rewards for the community.

Cash Cats will provide rewards to holders while educating the community on crypto protocols that holders can implement in their personal portfolios. Diversification mitigates risk and reduces the pressure that the market can bring. This project provides the following:

Community, Education & Exposure to Crypto Projects
Transparency & Growth of Cash Cat Holders Investment through investment pillars
Utility through Rewards & Web 3 Alpha

Buy purchasing a Cat, you are gaining entry into the CashCats ecosystem. We will be constantly generating rewards, and are very keen on helping our community accumulate as many coins/tokens as possible prior to the inevitable bull run to come.


Even though some of us weren’t “first adopters” in crypto or NFTs, we are still in the “early adopters” stage. This means we are all witnesses to one of the greatest wealth transfer opportunities of a lifetime, and have the chance to be a part of this shift. Similar to the dot com bubble, many will fail while others
will be the new innovators in the world. With innovation happening every day, it’s hard to keep up with everything in both markets; that’s where the Cats come in.

Our community strives to connect like-minded people to help each other’s Crypto & NFTs (referred to as CNFT from here on) research as well as to educate and drive awareness to the best opportunities in the CNFT space. By holding a cat, you will have immediate access to discord channels, with direct
connections to the alpha of both worlds and exposure to top-yielding protocols that will help survive a bear & thrive in a bull market.


Our team has an extremely diverse range of skills and experiences, including, but not limited to Art, Building Businesses, Crypto, and Programming.

Our founders are doxxed and have backgrounds running businesses that believe in transparency and delivering as much value as possible to stake holders. The goal of Cash Cats is to run this project like a business, and more importantly, return value to its’ holders ( )


The Crypto and NFT market moves fast- To ensure our community is equipped with the necessary resources to be successful, we host weekly calls every Wednesday night at 8 pm EST, dubbed Crypto Corner. Those calls will have content ranging from basic Crypto terms, Coins, Platforms, NFTs, Defi lingo, Layer 1,2s, top news/trends, Guest AMA speakers, and other Crypto-related topics. In addition to our weekly Crypto Corner call, the Cats will produce additional Educational content in the discord.

Mental Health:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health). We will be donating 4% upon mint out to the National Alliance on Mental Health.

This project was conceived during “COVID” which has amplified the need for mental health services. We believe it is very important, especially in this space to ensure that we can help the community through a donation to National Alliance on Mental Health.

Mint Breakdown:

3,333 Cats minted will generate 333 ETH.
65% ETH from mint invested into liquidity pools

30% ETH from mint invested into KDA miners (Miners we are purchasing KD6, KDLites)

5% ETH from mint invested into MetaVerse Lands (NFT WRLDS)

The balance to ongoing development, mental health, marketing, compliance, artist, and founders.

Rewards & Protocols:

Our main priority is the longevity of Cash Cats and to provide as much value in rewards & exposure to our holders as possible. We believe that the best way to do that is to focus on a core of 4 Crypto market segments that appear safe and sustainable.

The Starting 4:

For the Genesis Collection, we are focusing on 4 segments that we believe provide long-term stability and exponential growth while mitigating risk. The Genesis Cat will be the pinnacle NFT released out of our project’s collection, and future drops will be focused on a single segment of the crypto
market. Genesis Cats will have first access at pre-mint prices in the future. Below is a breakdown of the protocols we will use in our rewards system- (Please note, given the volatility of the crypto market our
strategies are subject to change)

Mining (Phase 1):

Bitcoin (BTC) is the original and one of the best stores of value in the industry. BTC takes a longer period of time to accumulate but should hold its value over the course of time. It’s imperative to have an allocation in a store of value asset to provide sustainability to the project.

Kadena is one of the most profitable mining operations. KDA also has some of the best real-world utility and has very experienced founders. We believe in KDA long-term, and understand that this could be a very successful part of the Cash Cats project. For a deeper dive into Kadena here’s their whitepaper

Liquidity Pools via the Cosmos Blockchain. (Phase 1)

Osmosis is a fast-rising cryptocurrency DEX. Osmosis LPs provide aggressive
returns of 71–100% APR. Osmosis lets liquidity providers earn staking & LP rewards — we believe this will provide high, solid APYs for CC holders. To learn more about osmosis click here.

NFTS and Metaverse Real-Estate (Phase 1)

Real estate physical and virtual is at a premium. The purchases of Sandbox & NFT WORLDS will provide an opportunity for Cash Cats to yield rewards from staking, and/or renting. This will be heavily monitored as other players come into the space.

NFTs depending on which ones are purchased can be a store of value (to a degree). We will look at acquiring certain blue-chip NFTs, through Cash Cats Community Votes.

​Infrastructure (Phase 2)

AVAX , ETH and/or SOL Validators are the 4th and final pillar. This will allow us to be involved in the infrastructure of each project, and it exposes us to additional blockchains thus diversifying our holdings. This portion of the project is on the back burner until we see a shift in market dynamics.

Growth & Transparency:

As the project grows, we will be looking for innovative projects that range from “risky” to “stable” to include in the treasury. Future drops to cash cat holders will be tied to other projects outside of the starting 4. We will also look to partner with similar projects to source whitelists & alpha.
Based on speed, innovation, and how the CNFT space moves, we will look to add NFT & Crypto analysts to help provide top-notch insight to our holders. Cash Cats are also encouraged to submit ideas they feel would benefit the reward protocol and submit their ideas to have their voice heard.

Rewards Structure:

1 cat = 1 reward.
There are 3,333 cats in circulation. As such, if you hold 100 cats you will receive 100x of the rewards that a single cat holder will receive. The more cats you hold, the more rewards received.

The Web3 space is vast, innovative, and extremely fast with several opportunities to grow holdings. We have now seen over the last four years just how volatile the CNFT markets can be. That is why this project will survive. We do not have a fixation on floor price. We have a multi-year outlook based
on mining, infrastructure, liquidity pools, and metaverse real estate. All of these will allow us to make it through bear and thrive during bull markets. It also allows our project time to organically grow and build.

Given what has happened in the Crypto market since we initially started this project, we have had to amend the way in which we invest the community holdings as well as, in the order in which we invest. Given the fact that ETH has dropped to ¼ of the price of from when we started this project we need to
be more strategic to generate rewards for our community. Due to this, we have already secured a partnership that is allowing us access to a warehouse (10,000 sqft set aside for the cats) as well as covering the cost of electricity. Upon Mint we will be securing ASIC miners for KDA mining and also
investing in Liquidity Pools. The reason we are focusing on KDA immediately versus BTC is because we view KDA as the superior coin from an upside perspective. The cost of miners is similarly priced to BTC
or less in some cases, however, KDA has a 50X upside over the next 2–3 years. We think BTC could have 6x upside over the next 2–3 years. Also, KDA is not as difficult to mine compared to BTC, and as such we will be generating more rewards, that will be worth more in 2–3 years.

We will purchase metaverse land within two weeks of project mint out. In 2023 we will re-explore when is a good time in order to start an AVAX (or ETH) validator. The reason we are delaying the start of validator nodes is that a node requires your coins be locked up for a year. That does not give the project a lot of flexibility to earn more rewards for its holders and limits the upside of the project. This is however a great strategy to ensure that we can preserve capital. We plan to utilize the nodes in the future for this exact reason. However, not upon initial mint.

We’ve broken down the rewards structure into 3-time frame distribution categories :

Quarterly Rewards- Each quarter we will allow KDA coins to be claimed via Mining & NFT WRLDS tokens as well.
Long term Rewards- Due to the nature of Osmosis, we have a 1-year lock-up period for distributions to achieve more of a “critical mass”.
Random Rewards/Airdrops — We will have other rewards to be given away on a monthly basis. These will range from NFTs, to WL’s.

Transparency within the community is pertinent to us and for our holders. Through a custom-built dashboard, Cat holders will be able to track the portfolio performance and estimated rewards. This goes for both Cryptocurrencies and NFTS. We are working on a mobile app that we expect to release in Q4 of 2022.

Mining during Phase 1:

KD6 and KDLITE miners will be purchased immediately upon mint out. We have a warehouse that has already been secured and is simply waiting on the miners to be configured to begin mining. Current KDA price = 1.69. KDA Price at ATH without anything built on it was $25. Projected price based on
market cap, ecosystem, in 2025 $40–50 coin. We expect to generate a bare minimum of KDA 29,656.25 after 2 years with the current hash power. Liquidity pools have a 90% return, on investment. When combining KDA rewards distributed quarterly over a 2 year period, as well as Liquidity pools over a two-year time frame with yearly distributions, then we are currently projecting an annualized return of 123.15%.

Liquidity Pools Phase 1:

We will be utilizing the Osmosis liquidity pool, graph below shows rewards generated with the current 90% APY. The current coin price of Osmo is $0.98. Its ATH was $11.18. We believe it is reasonable to expect OSMO to be back around $6 per coin, on the low end. That being said, you are looking at a 6x in coin value in addition to 90% APY gains over the course of a year.

NFT WRLDS Phase 1:

One of the play-to-earn games that have been standing out in the market is NFT Worlds. It is a virtual world developed by Minecraft, which has NFTs and its own WRLD token. We are acquiring NFT WRLDsto build on, and in turn, generate rewards for our holders. The current Floor price is 3.54ETH as of 7/5/22. Minecraft has 140 million active users. In order to transition to NFT Worlds from Minecraft, it is very simple. We believe the upside in NFT Worlds is huge, as there is an easy path to adoption for current Minecraft users mixed with staking tokenomics. We can both reward holders, and once more users
continue to make the transition, will see upside pressure, thus we full expect NFT Worlds (WRLD) token to do a 50x from it’s current price up to $1.50

The Future:

Our future is very exciting. By holding a cat, you will get first right at the next 4 collections we have planned for this community. In the future, each collection is tied directly to one of our “starting 4” investments. Thus, if you are more excited to be mining than in a liquidity pool, you can double down on mining. OR if you believe strongly in NFT WRLDs or Nodes, then you can
look to acquire that specific NFT via future drops.

Passive Crypto is the main utility of this project, and we are going to amplify that as time continues onward.

Hard Facts:

Mint Price .1ETH
Mint Date: July 8, 2022 for WL holders and July 9,2022 for Public
Expected return over 1 year on a per cat basis: 123.15%
Expected return over two years on a per cat basis: 344%
KDA Coins % NFT WRLDs will be available to claim quarterly
Osmosis distributed annually
NFTs/WL’s raffled monthly (random, and free for our holders).
Community votes were held on the next steps in reinvestments and what the community wants to see.
1 cat = 1/3333 of the total reward pool. The more cats you hold the more rewards there are to claim.

For any questions not answered here, please join our discord, ping us on twitter @cashcats2 , or email one of our founders Steve at



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