GOP Establishment About To Push “Self-Destruct” Button

Imagine the Republican Party as a ship on the ocean. This ship is loaded with passengers and officers. The passengers are supposed to be able to determine the ship’s course and destination, but factions have formed and consensus is hard to come by.

As such, the officers have gotten in the habit of just placating the passengers and setting their own course. Not only do the officers think that they know better, but they also believe that they own the ship. Therefore, they have gotten in the habit of doing what is convenient for them, and best for their ship. As a result, they are unwilling to navigate through a storm or into a naval battle because both could damage their vessel. What’s more, they have no incentive to do the extra work and take the risk just to satisfy the passengers.

The officers, having pushed their luck too far, are now faced with a serious mutiny. Rather than see their ship fall into the wrong hands, they are prepared to take their favorite passengers, set the self-destruct, and jump in the life boats. The mutineers will go down with the ship.

The loser in yesterday’s primaries was the GOP Establishment. It is apparent that the majority of the party is behind the undesirables: Trump and Cruz.

Conventional thinking would suggest that the winner of the Ohio primary has the best chance of winning the general election; “as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” However, the man who won the Ohio primary, John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, has not won any other states. Nor does he have a legitimate path to garner enough delegates to secure the nomination.

The establishment does not care about the rules. They are only interested in survival, and they own the ship, remember? John Kasich will now have the full throated support of the establishment because he appeals to Democrats (and the establishment) who don’t want to vote for Hillary, Trump, or Cruz in the general election. The Republican establishment is more interested in courting the Democrat vote, than they are the votes of Trump and Cruz supporters (who represent anti-establishment and conservative thinking). Trump and Cruz would be bad for business.

The party bosses are prepared to destroy their own party at the Republican Convention by engaging in chicanery that will result in John Kasich (or someone else) ending up with their nomination, regardless of all the votes and delegates earned by Trump and Cruz. There is no other reason for Kasich to remain in the race. He serves only as a spoiler. Cruz and Trump, and their supporters, likely will be cast out of the party in Cleveland. And the police department is already preparing to keep the peace when all hell breaks loose.

What is the end game? To maintain the status quo in Washington for as long as possible, consequences be damned.

Division among the 56 % of the country that votes does not give The People the advantage.


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