I’m With Her: Why I Think Hillary Clinton Needs To Be Our 45th President
Logan Heiman

This direction that America is moving in; you call it “forward.” I’m sorry, but I cannot go any farther in that direction. I’m out man, I’m spent… I share the blame, but I just can’t do it anymore.

I’m also sorry to tell you that a lot of us out here feel the same way. Again, none of us are innocent. We have been moving in this direction for as long as I can remember too… But lately we seem to be covering a lot of ground very quickly. And come on man… You can’t see the smoke on the horizon in the distance now? What do you think we are moving toward?

I know what we are moving away from. I want to go back in that direction. The Declaration of Independence was written 240 years ago.

There are two kinds of people in this country. People who receive money collected by government, and people who do not receive (or benefit from) money collected by government. The system is about to fall apart because we are 19,000,000,000,000 dollars short of paying the tab for all the people who have already received money from the government… On top of which we are committed to spend still more as we move “forward.”

Logan just imagine that your accountant tells you that you are going to be required to pay an additional $10,000 to the IRS, based on your income from last year, in about 6 weeks… Ready. Set. Go! And no dialing the Crisis Line. (That was a joke, and it’s okay because I have been in a crisis).

This is not a difficult position to find yourself in when you own a business, for instance. Bottom line, the Government is not happy with the cut that you sent. You need to send more.

But suddenly you realize that the Government has already spent your contribution for just about all the money you have yet to earn in your lifetime! And they have spent my contribution too!

Based on the total balance of what you would have to pay in taxes on the income you have yet to earn in the rest of your life… Our Government has, for all intents and purposes, already spent your life-time income taxes. And guess what? Every second, they SPEND MORE! And you (and I) are committed to pay this debt!

F&%# that Logan. That fact offends me! It insults my intelligence. You went to Harvard… It doesn’t insult your intelligence??

Money has meaning to me, I earned it. I worked for it. I sacrificed sleep and time with my family to make that money. If anybody is going to blow my money, then it is going to be me! I cannot fund a bloated bureaucracy that subsists and grows on an ever increasing percentage of the money that it just re-distributes and wastes. None of us can. We can’t afford it.

The President that made tears stream down your face has presided over the largest increase in the national debt of a country, in the history of this WORLD. The word is unsustainable. We hear this word all the time, but no one really gets it. Unsustainable means that we “CANNOT” pay for it. As someone who has experienced bankruptcy, I can tell you, bankruptcy is what happens when you reach the point of unsustainable. I can use it in a sentence. When I stopped going to work, my business became unsustainable.

The United States of America does not produce the equivalent economic output of 19 trillion dollars in wealth (GDP) in a single year. And think about all the money made across this country in one day, let alone a whole year. Or, consider just the money that goes through a single Walmart’s cash registers in one hour on Black Friday. That’s a lot, I’d take that… But the number is 19 trillion Logan. Scott Kelly was orbiting the earth in space for an entire year and only traveled 144 million miles. Only. And the word is; unsustainable.

So let me get this straight… We used the money to fight poverty, and crime, and drugs, and wars, and we used it to provide healthcare, and shelter, and warmth, and food… I guess we did some exploration and research, but it sounds like a lot of the money was used to enforce a lot of regulations… and to pay for the infrastructure to collect and redistribute all that money… The accounting fees alone of this operation must be astronomical. Who gets paid to keep track of all this money and debt?

Yeah, yeah stupid question… Okay, so… Are we good then? Are these problems all solved now at least? Like, as long as we pay off this bill, nobody is going to be hungry, or poor, or die from a treatable condition, etc.?

Well what??!?! It really sounds to me like all we did is pay a lot of people with public money, so that they could pay more people with other public money… And we didn’t really get a whole lot of, how you say, return on that investment? And you use words like equality, and inclusiveness, and “traditionally marginalized,” while advocating for increased spending to unmarginalize.

Excuse me; you advocate for increased borrowing to unlock the potential of the marginalized. Because all it will take is a little more money to reach equality right?

We are all equal in our indebtedness though aren’t we Logan? It is the ‘national’ debt right, you will share it with me?

Because, here is the thing… I don’t work anymore. Well, I do, but only as hard as I need to, to support my family. I don’t need the aggravation that comes with The American Dream. And hey, the pittance that I would have to send to the Government, if I did seek to increase my income modestly… What about it? The amount of money that the Government spends is not based on what it collects anyway… It doesn’t seem like my money is very significant.

Why do I have to play this game? Because, somewhere out there, there is someone who is marginalized and he or she needs my help to sit at the table? I don’t have a seat at the table. Nobody cares about how I feel. I want to live in a meritocracy. Do you think that is what we have, really?

It is not my responsibility to give you, or anyone else, a job. I don’t have to create wealth for anyone but myself. I wouldn’t mind being in business, but, the powers that be, have made it such a pain in the ass, and so expensive, that I have learned that my life is better when I just do enough to get by.

Logan, if we keep racking up this debt, then our money is going to be worthless. I think we are intelligent enough, and educated enough, to agree on this, no? Don’t tell me that you didn’t study hyperinflation or monetization of debt at Harvard? Come on, the Weimar Republic in Germany? In any case, we will all definitely be equal when our money has no value, won’t we?

I have a civic duty to work, and pay taxes, and create wealth, and employ people now? Is that so? Well the people who are willing to do the work, to take the risks, they want to be paid. Don’t you? And they are not going to be obligated to prop up an unsustainable system any longer.

I don’t want one of the jobs Obama has created. I’m worth more. I’m capable of more. If you are so proud of Obama’s jobs, then why don’t you take one and let me know how it works out for you. Then you can tell me how much the economy has grown and how free and equal you have become.

It has grown though, you are right, there are way more crappy jobs out here now. There are more total jobs, but costs and barriers are up, and overall compensation is down. Sounds like the wealth creators feel the way I do; enough with “forward.” Some of them have the means to abandon ship and move their operations to a government whose taxes are less punitive; a government that can do more with less. I don’t blame these companies, but if we allow our public debt to continue to grow, you and I are going to go down with the ship. We should have stopped spending money… years ago.

Maybe, just maybe, if the Government had its hands on less of our money, then maybe you and I would be able to get our hands on a little more of it. We are smart. Just think of what we could do with that money.

Logan, I’m not trying to insult you, or belittle you, or pick on you because you advocate for HRC (well, maybe a little). In reality we have so much in common. We are within 8 years of age of each other and we live in the same country. All I want you to do is really take your time and think about what is at stake in this election. Clear your mind and start-over. Unlearn what you have learned. You have had a great education, now it is time to begin the search for truth. What does a 19 trillion dollar national debt mean to you Logan?

I’ve been screwed Logan. I have been taken advantage of by people. I’ve been tricked, stolen from, and lied to. It took a while, but I have learned how to recognize dishonesty. “Forward” is folly. Start considering another direction.

My team is rebuilding and reorganizing. You and I are part of a new generation. We are the millennials. We have a huge responsibility to save this country. My team needs your help and I haven’t given up on you.