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Let’s discuss the current trends in the development of the poker room industry. There are a few giants that have won over the online poker market and whose names have long been known to all of those who play this game. These giants are PokerStars, 888, Party Poker, and Full Tilt Poker. It looks like the online poker market has already been split between them and will not grow. Players have become used to downloading programs and applications, setting up personal accounts despite the fact that registration forms are not always user-friendly, and having to go through the lengthy and complicated procedure of collecting their winnings. The main issue with today’s online poker rooms is that they are centralized, which means they are subject to human influence, or the so-called human element.

Cash Poker Pro, a new online poker platform which is going to be available to millions of messenger users, may become a pleasant surprise for poker fans. Cash Poker Pro is a cross-platform system which lets players using the browser-based version and players using their Telegram, WeChat, or Line accounts play at the same poker table. Just imagine how the poker audience will grow if joining the game is so easy! You only need to have one of these apps on your gadget, and let’s be honest — most of us already have and actively use them. Even if you do not use them, you probably have a Facebook account, and this platform is the next one on our integration list. What makes the Cash Poker Pro platform special is that you do not need to download or install any programs or applications. You only need to press the ‘Play poker’ button on the messenger that you use, which saves time and lets you dive right into the game.

An important innovation brought about by the Cash Poker Pro platform is 100% blockchain-based card dealing, which means that every user will be able to check if the cards are shuffled and dealt randomly and fairly. This is made possible by FireChain, an open source cryptographic algorithm (a blockchain-based random number generator using Ethereum smart contracts).

Today more than 20 poker games are available to the users of the Cash Poker Pro platform. The platform developers are planning to add tournaments, bonus systems, and jackpots systems in the near future. It is of interest to note that the users of the Cash Poker Pro platform have the opportunity to create their own multi-level poker rooms and invite their friends and colleagues to join them, and to integrate the poker platform into their own online resources, which will help to promote it. Today players can use digital chips (CHIPS) and platform coins (CASH).

ETH and BTC games will be launched soon. The holders of Cash Poker Pro CASH gaming coins will also get special bonuses and extra features from the Cash Poker Pro platform.

Cash Poker Pro is a promising online poker platform that is already available to players and waiting for new users. You will appreciate the functionality and features of the product developed for you by the platform team.

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