I’ve compiled a list of advice from experts in VR and AR to better understand how to approach Immersive Training for Oil & Gas. And to help identify common pitfalls in this space.

Specifically, we looked at:

If you want a more in-depth report you…

You may or may not know that I haven’t always been a marketer or someone who studied technology.

For many years I had been freelancing and nerding out on new digital media, studying and engaging with teens on Instagram while I grew a non-profit initiative.

This is how I came about to learn about Spark AR, back then it was called AR Studio and launched my first Filter for these cool kids around the globe I had built an online community with. Immediately, I was hooked and was in search of of people who had found this magical new technology that Facebook given us to experiment with.

I had known Eugene AKA the DUDE from seeing his work…

Dude, dating kinda sucks.

It was never really easy back in the good ol’ days before dating apps.

We like to kid ourselves and put the blame on dating apps.

That’s what I did.

I blamed myself for not knowing how an app worked because I was married for 9 years and never considered it before or blamed potential matches behaviour on the now considered, social norms of online dating.

But this wasn’t going to make any difference of the outcome I was looking for. I also knew that I had a lot of past relationships that I would always…

You may have a brand that relies on social media to drive traffic to open your Instagram or Facebook AR filters.

But now you’ve got to figure out how to get your filters into customers’ hands when they aren’t on your profiles from a mobile device.


… your customers are in a physical store

… your customers are in a pop-up booth

or maybe

… our customers are viewing your content on desktop.

That means you need a trackable QR code for your Instagram and Facebook filters, and fast.

Given the need to bring offline to online, now is…

Here’s test on how content can be distributed on multiple platforms via Tenor n GIPHY.

I’m here at the Neilson presents ‘What’s Next in Global Sports’ sponsored by ONE Championship all day today listening in on the amazing journey Chatri Sityodtong is on bringing Asian values across the globe to Billions.

It’s not just about fighting, it’s about how his team is bringing these amazing athletes from rags to becoming national heroes that will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and changemakers.

psst. If you don’t know ONE Championship is the fastest growing sports media on the entire…

Ever have someone say “show me results first”?

Well, that’s what I had when a client pushed back about my services. We are such a new Ad agency, we know we can get results we just don’t have case studies to show proof. Even when I tell them I pulled off viral campaigns that lead to 2.1 million people to upload pics in a branded hashtag in 24hrs.

So, I took to my own brand to show what we can do.

Probably one of the craziest tests I’ve ever done on myself for a client.

The question was: How can…

Instagram takes time.

Time to create content.

Time to plan those collaborations & promotions.

Time to comment & reply to comments.

Time to plan the right strategy to get the most out of your time.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a few ways to help you save some if so you can get back to checking out cats on the internet.

Here’s how my team & I save time when it comes to Instagram:

1. Use Templates

We use folders filled with templates made by designers over at Creative Market. You can plug n play with customising it to your brand. They have IG feed & Stories templates.

These are pretty rad.

We also love the…

The Best Instagram Tools for Businesses

If you want to see all the Instagram tools and resources in one place, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve personally tested over 120 resources, paid and non-paid tools, only some made the cut.

There are lots of resources & tools, articles and people out there to help you deep dive into getting your Instagram for Business to get Insta-Results!

✨Here are the Instagram Tools I find particularly useful ✨

👩‍🏫 How To Use This Guide

Each tool is broken down into sections. You can quickly jump a section by hitting searching the words Command (⌘)-F

My favs are noted with a

📰 Instagram News: The newsletters, media that are great for catching up…

Did you know you can watch Instagram Stories on your web browser?


It’s true, killa face.

Just 30 mins ago I didn’t have this functionality.

I was pissy face all about it when I read on Verge that we can view on web & I apparently couldn’t.

But then I was rescued by a sweet man named Dash, from the Singaporean Housing Development Board who arrived with a couple of dudes to come jump over our back porch into our completely AWOL neighbour’s back porch to get that stinky dead rat out. Finally!

The police said they didn’t want…

Way better

I’ve been telling you, I’m the new TV.

I’m saying it first here.

On LinkedIn, where everyone wants to be in your network!

But yeah, I’m kind ova big deal.


Oh me, Instagram Stories.

I’m a have been a huge part of my users experience and just like with any new feature, there’s gonna be people who ruin it with crap content.

You get to see what your friends and frenemies are up to. If you like it, you’ll stick around a while to watch. If it’s lame AF, go ahead and swipe to the next friend/frenemy.

Sometimes, there…

Casie Lane Millhouse

Innovation and Technology Communicator 😎 Futurist ✨ President VRARA Singapore. I love GIFs & walking on my hands.

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