Technical Creativity
Chris Jagers

Chris I’m insatiably curious how we can help children from a young age discover their passions and develop their talents.

My mother had instinct to put me into a Gymnastics program at age 2 and I’ve been in the sport ever since as an early movement educator and high performance coach in US, Bermuda, China and Singapore. As

I want to help children who have been told by society that they aren’t suitable for a classroom setting and that they have a disease. They have incredibly amazing gifts, traditional school is hoarding it from them.

Last weekend, we had one of our first events in Singapore (over 3500 ppl!) where we brought in one of our friends who teach children sustainable living through gardening. When I talked to a Mother of one of the girls playing in the workshop she told me, “yes, it would be so nice to find activities for her because she is, well, slow”

It stopped me dead in my tracks and I told her that I think her child has amazing gifts that just haven’t been seen yet. This encounter really drove home the reasons why I’m up until 4am learning as much as I can to help bring this vision to life.


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