Hidden Hashtag Hack For Instagram Stories

We all know you should be using hashtags on Instagram.

They freakin’ rock!

But when your stories look like this, you look a little desperate like myself here. 🤔

oh gawd, no

But there’s this little hack that I’ve learned from Mr. Octonation, AKA Warren Carlyle who shared with me this little tip so I don’t look so desperate.

✨Hashtag Hide & Seek✨

You can hide these ugly hashtags in your Instagram Stories by sliding them off to the side.

Note: Sometimes they do not completely slide off but most of the times if you slide it very fast, it will do the trick.

Having more hashtags in your Instagram Story helps you get discovered but when you hide them you are able to create a cleaner Instagram Story for your viewer.

I’ve gotten up to 16 hashtags in on a Story but I’m not sure what the limit is. I got seriously tired of doing them one, by one. Perhaps a next test is to see if adding all the hashtags at once makes any difference in views.

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Shout Out:

I followed Warren’s advice and this post couldn’t be possible if he hadn’t shared with me on Facebook.