What a botastrophe!
Chris Messina

I’ve been tinkering with bots for only a couple weeks now but I’m botcrazy.

Interested to know what kind of results using the voice notes feature would bring.

Would it be cumbersome for you or would it save time?

Would it be annoying to the people on the other end?

Another question specifically for you.

Where you asked similar questions or repeats of questions by the people in your 1-on-1s?

If so, perhaps finding a way to store F.A.Q.s in your chatbot so that it can automatically refer to those answers when asked even though it may be a live chat. 🤔

If not, could those Q & A’s be stored so your chatbot can reference them?

I’m just imagining you getting asked the same thing over and over and over again during a live chat.

Kind of like living in Asia for 8 years and everyone asking “Where you from?”