Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

The entire premise of this article is essentially, while denying or ignoring any of her blatant playing both sides on issues, that Hillary cannot get away with it while a man can.

This type of logic asks us to leap OVER her lack of morality, ‘evolution’ on issue when they hit 51% in polls, and outright Clinton Foundation-Sec. of State quid pro quos, among many dozen of other red flags in her record, because a man might not be held to same standard!?

This is the election for POTUS not a referendum on gender bias. Even if sexism is very real in society, HRC is the last woman on earth who has any right to claim the mantle of justice for women. The first woman president should not be a person who sought out to destroy the women her husband preyed upon! It should not be the one who takes money from the prison industries, Pharmaceuticals, Oil-gas, Insurance, the Saudis, and anyone else who have helped prop up the corrupt system let alone adversely had a negative impact on women in general!

The denial of HRC record by her supporters is a mistake. It will not make society better. It will not lead us to the end of double standards, hypocrisy, and corruption. A woman does and should be the POTUS but not that woman.

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