My 2017 was kinda crap — just like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I remember sitting in the back of my Mum’s bright red Toyota Camry exclaiming, “it’s five years’ until the year 2000!” Two year’s later, my young mind would be totally blown when the first Harry Potter novel was released.

Reality check, it’s now 2018. Dayum!

And look 2017 was a good year for us, but I am SO happy it is behind us. 2017 was kind of like reading Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets — enjoyable at the time, entirely necessarily, a lot of character development and drama, but looking back it was a little bit shit… *gasp*

Before you go and hate on me just read the post!

In 2017, I returned to my incredible and reasonably chill work from maternity leave. I was so OVER being a stay at home Mum (I love my kids, but it’s not my full time jam) and I was rescued from the monotony of stay at home life by my career, but during my absence my job had changed so much, it was such an intense experience and kind of ended like a car crash …

Sound familiar? Yep, Harry is rescued from the prison that was his Auntie and Uncles house by his ol’ mate Ron and his bros by a flying car, and have an enjoyable cruise (flight?) back to Ron’s place. When they later miss the Hogwarts Express to school, they make the incredibly mature decision of again stealing the flying car, and driving it to school. This time, the journey was hella tumultuous (remember the scene where Harry nearly fell out of the flippin’ car?) and the journey quite literally ends in a car crash.

I will not be returning to the job in 2018. It had some highs and many lows, I learnt an awful lot and ultimately it put me on the right path to where I need to be, but I no longer need that job…

And the flying car was never seen again… but it got them where they needed to go — with highs and many lows (see what I did there) along the way.

We moved to the other side of the city in 2016, leaving behind the life we knew. And whilst we’re not that far removed from our ‘old’ life, we’ve kinda got two different lives, one here and the one we still have back there. At the start of 2017, I was reasonably established in our new hood but the honeymoon period was definitely over. It was my home, I felt like I belonged here — but I hadn’t really fully nestled myself into the area. I was still searching for a local doctor, the best place to do my grocery shopping, the best routes to take to daycare/ school and the safest parts of town.

Harry is still new to the Wizarding world, he feels safe and at home there, but he still has to spend some time in the muggle world with his Aunt and Uncle. He is still trying to figure it all out, occasionally struggling to balance the two (Dobby levitating food onto Aunt Petunia’s head — mega LOLS). And whilst he is one of the most famous wizards EVER, he was totally blown away by a flying car and, well, practically everything at The Weasley’s place. And lets not even talk about the Diagon Alley debacle. At the start of this books, he was still finding his way around the wizarding world.

These days, I not only know the best routes, I have a local bar, a coffee shop and a short cut* to the kid’s school. Heck, I’ve even joined a school committee!

[*okay my short cut actually takes a few minutes longer but I never EVER get stuck behind a tram so there’s that.]

By the end, Harry totally knew who he was as a wizard. The doubt that he might be a better fit for Slytherin (on account of his snake speaking skills) have totally dissolved and he even uses his bad ass skills and confidence to free Dobby from his nasty, kind-of-a-big-deal, Slytherin masters.

Speaking of Dobby, man, he worshipped Harry and whilst he didn’t always go about it the right way, he ALWAYS tried to help Harry. In fact, this book really solidifies a lot of really important relationships for the entire Potter series. Harry practically joins the Wesley family when he stays there prior to returning to school. This is further strengthened when Ron and Harry kick some snake’s arse in the Chamber, saving (Harry’s future wife and Ron’s sister) Ginny’s life. Not to mention the way that Hermione throws her arms around Harry with absolute joy when he emerged alive…

2017 kicked my arse in many ways. I had a really tough bout of anxiety and I really struggled for a good six months there. Honestly, I was tough to be around. Yet some people stuck around, and really helped me through. There are even a few people who this time last year I didn’t know existed, and now they are really important to me. I was exposed to the different ways that people support their struggling friends; crying with you, drinking with you, listening to you repeat the same insignificant story over and over, and some no longer returning your calls and pretending you no longer exist (bye Felicia). 2017 taught me that no matter what I go through, I don’t have to do it alone and also, that I don’t want to do it alone.

The Chamber of Secrets really confirmed that no matter what Harry went through; he wouldn’t have to do it alone (naw!) and that he would actually help a few people along the way.

I used to hate being vulnerable and asking for help, but now I know it’s okay and that people who care about you will do their very best (whatever that may be). Oh, AND I was also able to help a few people in a pretty bad funk due to the situation I found myself in — which felt really good and empowering.

In the Chamber of Secrets, we meet Tom Marvolo Riddle — who uses his male mystic to woo Ginny and eventually possesses her and uses her to open the Chamber of Secrets. Later, it’s revealed that once Tom finishes being a fuckboy (and completes puberty) he changes his name to goddamn Lord Voldemort aka he who cannot be named, aka the worst wizard EVER!

I met some really shit blokes this year. Not just blokes, but women too. I feel like I have always been a good (okay critical) judge of character — however I am but a mere mortal and on the odd occasion I have been fooled by charisma. In 2017, I met more than one charismatic fuck and quickly learnt how to read the signs of a questionable person with a great smile. I also learnt how to deal with said people, although way too late to be saved from the affect of these particular ones, and how to let their lack of empathy and ability be their problem and not mine. It was a tough lesson, but I know it was a really important one that will help me out of many foreseeable future pickles.

Phew, I’m exhausted. What a book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was! But back to the point of this post, what a year 2017 was.

I am so glad it happened. I have learnt-oh-so-much and I know that 2018 is going to be amazing. I’m not going to leave behind everything in 2017, I met some amazing people and did some amazing things. I also got to see my kids grow a year older and share some incredible experiences with them (and you thought I’d do a whole blog post without mentioning my babes, yeah right!). But there are plenty of things that I am so glad to leave in 2017!

Happy new year folks. Now it’s time for me to kick back and read my fav Harry Potter novel — the Prison of Azkahban. Oh god, I hope no year is ever comparable to this incredible, but INTENSE piece of literature.