Governor McAuliffe

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe was elected governor in 2013. He was born in New York in 1957 and entered into the world of politics at the age of 23. He began his college career at a Catholic University and later furthered his education at Georgetown Law School. He currently lives in Richmond with two of his five children. His wife, Dorothy, has been a great support throughout his journey in politics. His first position in the political world began when he became a finance director for Jimmy Carter. McAuliffe ran for office in order to be a voice for those in our military. He acknowledges the need for better care for those who have served our country. This plan to action was furthered when he expanded health care. He is no stranger in the political world and has close relationships with the Clintons and various others. Since his time in office began he has put a strong emphasis on the economy in VA. While placing a strong emphasis on economics, he is also working to restore trust in the government. He believes that it is crucial to make key savings today in order to compete for the jobs tomorrow. In order for those better jobs to have employees that are qualified, McAuliffe is also working to improve education. He recently signed a learning reform legislation in order to make the system work well with all parties involved.