Liberty Sk8

Do you skate or nah?

Several recent activities have attracted many students and people to Liberty University. One of those being the Liberty Mountain Skate Park. I will use my position as a student journalist to gather information about this attraction and what it offers.

Liberty Mountain Skate Park is further from campus than most activities. This park is the only indoor skate park in Central Virginia and welcomes those from miles around. The online presence is beneficial because of the vast audience the skate park reaches.

  • Only skate part in Central VA
  • free to Liberty students
  • Accommodates beginners
  • Helmets provided at no extra charge
  • includes bowls, ramps, rails, and boxes

- Brandon Fosse- Supervisor & Josh Herman- 11-year-old team member and LU’s website for the skate park

I could use a hyperlink to LU’s website to direct people to accurate information regarding the park. I could also use a hyperlink to the Facebook page for Liberty’s skate park.

I could record a video during the day of those who are skating. There is also a video/photo team member that I could talk to about recording. I think it would enhance the story to use the interviews of those who skate on a regular basis.

**Narrow it down to a certain what**