Sports Time

Under inflation on the rise

The NFL recently found 11 out of 12 of the New England Patriots’ game footballs were under inflated significantly according to NFL’s requirements. Sources have confirmed that each football was inspected and approved then returned to each team. There are no comments being made from senior vice president of communications at this time.

UFC fighter caught in lie

Super Tuesday occurred in various states March 1, 2016, however, California did not participate. Jimmy Kimmell guest starred welterweight Jake Ellenberger where the fighter soon fell in the trap and began explaining his vote for Donald Trump in CA. Ellenberger can officially cast his vote June 7, 2016.

Hole- in- one

A new family-oriented short course recently opened near Houston, Texas. Crozier, 11, broke in the new court with his impressive hole-in-one. He nonchalantly put his club away and was unexpectedly congratulated and hugged by Tiger Woods.

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