What in the World

Nuns sing for the Pope

A group of singing nuns will perform for the Pope Wednesday Feb. 17, 2016. After a YouTube video unexpectedly went viral, the group of nuns are becoming quite popular. They are hoping to transmit their faith with each performance that is seen.

German Train Crash

Bavaria, Germany lost 11 people due to a head-on collision between two commuter trains. A 39-year-old man will now likely be charged with involuntary manslaughter and possible jail time. Prosecutor Wolfgang Giese states: “If he had complied with the rules… there would have been no collision.”

The flawless carat

A 404.2- carat diamond was found in Angola. This nearly flawless diamond is the 27th biggest ever discovered according to the Lucapa Diamond Company in Australia. While many are impressed by the size of this carat, the value has yet to be released.

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