FBI director says Twitter’s like a bar where everyone’s ‘screaming at the television’

Hi everyone! I wanted to speak on this article because it combines social media and it’s use in almost every aspect of our personal and social lives with a really big event that occurred recently when Trump fired our previous FBI director. Though that was not expressly mentioned in the article, the fact that his recent investigations were under fire by our head of state makes it even more interesting to hear about his opinions of social media as a public figure.

All in all, the article states that Comey sees Twitter as something that can be both wonderful and depressing. That is a statement that I agree with a lot because it becomes easy to overlook the positive posts and opinions on social media and only really notice the bad, especially on Twitter that is used so heavily for sharing popular hard news stories. Though it can be used for good and, as Comey said in the article to hear from outside opinions, it can also become overwhelming and muddle up individual’s ideas.

Businesses should use this perspective in order to set their posts and their brand apart from the rest of the crowd and make sure that the message that they are trying to publicize doesn’t get lost. This is true for any form of social media. Twitter is inherently a professional place to get ideas across to other professionals on the internet, but it is also a place where your every post is under intense scrutiny, especially by popular businesses or individuals. Keeping this in mind might help potential followers from “screaming at the television” when reading your next post.

Link to Story: http://mashable.com/2017/05/08/fbi-director-james-comey-twitter/?utm_cid=hp-r-1#7WdPfQecUmqH