One Finals Done

General Astronomy. A class I took “for fun” because that’s how I wanted my college experience to be. FUN! However, so far I’ve been having a hard time particularly in this class.

My Astronomy grades are divided in 4 categories: 20% for homeworks, 30% for exams, 30% for the finals (that I just took a few minutes ago), and 20% goes to a last-minute project. In the last part, my professor said that he’s more than willing to give us the whole credit so that it’ll end up like an “extra credit” instead of being part of the grade. The same goes for our homeworks if I get at least an 85% in my overall grade but despite how everything is done with open notes and self-tutorial videos, my homework grade averaged at 76%.

I’m doing a self-evaluation right now. It’s not that I didn’t spend enough time studying. This is my 3rd school semester (in New York, at least) and this is the first time that I actually paid significant attention to my grades and put effort to raising my GPA. Yes, that’s including the 4 semesters that I spent in UST, in the Philippines, where I just focused on doing extra-curricular activities and performing on college events. Sometimes, I feel like maybe I’m just not meant to excel in school even if I really do want to. I put a great deal of hard work and towards the end of the semester, I’m wondering if it’s all worth it. Maybe I’m just not meant to be an A student even if I want to be one.

(There’s an argument here between Nature VS Nurture. I believe the members of my family are all smart and independent women. However, I grew up in a different environment, went to a different and somehow less competitive elementary and high school, and was more spoiled by my mother to the point that the rewards system wasn’t efficiently practiced.)

In my other subjects for this semester, I’m predicting a B+ and 2 A’s. They’re all my Psychology elective classes. I’m a Psychology major and I read about Psychology topics even if it’s not needed in my course. I think it’s safe to say that it’s expected of me (by me) that I ace my Psych classes.

Am I smart or am I just working hard to be smart? Well, that’s as complicated as asking the difference between “old money” and “new money.” I guess, as long as you have “money” and in my case, “high GPA” then it shouldn’t matter.

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