The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
Human Parts

Letter to a Stranger

What deliciously brilliant, creative, comic, political savvy thing have you tweeted today, gorgeous man?

I found you on Netflix after a trip to frozen Quebec gifted me with a horrible Canadian flu this winter. I watched you hour after hour bed bound for a week. The fashions, beautiful actors, French history… absolutely mesmerizing.

As much as you can truly understand who a person really is through the internet, a few clicks and I find more of you. Info pours from the screen: 23, Libra, sarcastic wit, boyish charm, bohemian love for life, coupled with a seemingly awkwardness for the whole famous deal. Your tweets tell more: intelligent, environmentally conscious, fellow vegetarian, who loves astronomy nearly-yyy as much as I do.

They scream back: I love you! Marry me! I want to say the same, but don’t. I am just one of 99,900.

I worry you’ll change as there are more demands of you. Human experience grants us the privilege of change daily. We just need to know how to use it, oui? For now, I’m glad the world has you or what we surmise you to be anyway.

I close the app thinking that boy’s smile could surely melt the #boomerangnebula.

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