Do Men Think Women Have Equal Opportunities At Work?

Sure, but only if you work at his office.

This question comes from a recent report on equal opportunity perceptions in the workplace between men and women. The study surveyed over 140,000 employees this year, and was focused on two key questions:

In most workplaces, men and women have equal opportunities.
In my workplace, men and women have equal opportunities.

Report Findings

In Most Workplaces Men And Women Have Equal Opportunities.

67% of men agree vs. 38% of women who agree.

In My Workplace, Men and Women Have Equal Opportunities.

75% of men agree vs. 51% of women who agree.

Women In Tech Have It Worse Than Other Woman.

When the data is broken out to specifically show opportunity perception for men and women working in the tech industry, the numbers get a lot worse.


For women working in the tech, that means the perception gap increases by 12% compared to women overall.

And while only 66% of men say in most workplaces men and women have equal opportunity, 88% of men report that in their own workplaces, men and women have equal opportunities.

The biggest takeaway from these numbers I just mentioned is that it leads me to believe that although men are willing to recognize that there is a problem with equal opportunity in the workplace, they don’t believe the problem could ever happen in their own workplace.

In order to truly make change, men must be able to recognize their unconscious bias and step up to make the workplace more equitable for everyone involved. Because in a more equitable workplace, everyone can benefit.

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