6.2 Homework

On March 1st, there was a city council meeting and hundreds showed up. The meeting got started late due to city councilman not being able to find a place to park, which he wasn’t to happy about. The first topic of discussion was from the Metropolitan Zoning commission wanting to move the local cemetery so that a supermarket could be built.

The cemetery is located in a spot that is now used for commercial purposes. About 20 people had something to say about the whole thing but only two of them were against the rezoning. When everyone was done speaking about it the council voted 5–2 against the rezoning petition. After the some of the crowd cheered and most left leaving a small audience of about 40 people.

The next topic of discussion was a one-cent sales tax proposed by councilwoman Wilma Rudolph. She expresses that the city desperately needs money. People were in agreeance and said something needed to be done. The majority voted 5–2 for the next tax. There were only two that voted against it. This was a huge upset because most people would rather see what cut backs could’ve taken place rather than a higher tax put into place.

The last topic was a proposal from councilman Mazewroski to license morticians in the city. He says that the state gives them the power to do so and thinks that they should take advantage of this. He says that there would be a fee that they would have to pay every year. His bill calls for a $150 fee per mortician each year. The council doesn’t think councilman is correct when he says that city gives them a right to do so. So the proposal was made and it passed with a vote of 6–0. The meeting was adjourned after that bill was passed.

Councilwoman Wilma Rudolph proposed a one-cent sales tax to raise about $400,000 for their city next year to avoid having to lay people off, and expand other services.

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