CNA Week 7

Basball Bat Becomes the Cane

David Ross, One of the oldest Chicago Cubs is making his final season count. His teamates made an instagram account named “GrandpaRossy_3” in light of his year long retirement tour. Recently his teamates caught him acting as if his baseball bat was his cane for support. The Cubs are making the best of Ross’s retirement.

NFL Players Try Being Business Men For the Day

The NFL has paired with the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The players will get to take classes taught by the best on managment and entreprenuership. The week also includes trips to local businesses.


Leigh Steinburg a veteran sports agent wants a technology that will combat concussions. She says whoever makes a helment that will 100% protect from scull fractures will be very successful. She also states that it is not just a Pro football problem, but a problem among others.